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Monsters in the Mist: A Doctor Who Adventure P1
Monsters in the Mist: A Doctor Who Adventure
Inspired by:
Moscow was misty that night. Snow fell down and the streets were empty but for a lone figure who was drunk and mumbling to himself in sloppy Russian. Abram Tarasov walked along, in the middle of the road, stumbling stupidly, holding the beer bottle aloft. He had a round face, a thin mouth that was dribbling as he took another swig. His matted hair was damp underneath a cap as the mist clung all around him, obscuring his already volatile vision.
Then he saw it. A figure, seemingly rise up out of the mist, there yet not quite, as though it was on screen; flickering and semi-solid. Abram’s mouth opened and he dropped the bottle, staring at the person. He was baffled, not because it was an un-natural thing but because the person standing in front of his eyes…was dead.
Anastasia Lufkin had been his sweetheart. Her face was exactly as he remembered
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Hufflepuff Pride by GlassHeart-x Hufflepuff Pride :iconglassheart-x:GlassHeart-x 3 10 The 11th by GlassHeart-x The 11th :iconglassheart-x:GlassHeart-x 3 0 Skulduggery Pleasant- Flame by GlassHeart-x Skulduggery Pleasant- Flame :iconglassheart-x:GlassHeart-x 4 4
Fax Forget it Chapter 12: Hurts like Hell
Third POV
Fang Cursed as he dove in and out through wispy clouds. The sky was darkening as he had been flying north for a week. A WEEK.
A week in which Madison was holed up in that bloody school probably chained, bruised and muddy. And it was ALL. HIS. FAULT.
There was an attraction between them. Fang knew it had been rushed, I mean what kind of- For god's sake in a couple of days they had met *ahem*, made out and her had told her everything. This wasn't Fang. It wasn't Fang-like. He was supposed to be the cool, silent but deadly, sophisticated one. Ok, maybe not quite sophisticated. But, y'know...James Bond. Ok, grasping at straws here. Yet something about her brought a new side of him.
And now he never wanted to talk to her more. But to get her he would need help.
Madison was cold. Icy sweat drenched her as she tried to sit up. How long she had been in here she didn't know, there was neither clock nor windows from which she could tell the time. But she had de
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Max by GlassHeart-x Max :iconglassheart-x:GlassHeart-x 1 0
Chapter: That was the Moment, A Hogwarts OC
Chapter 3 Guys!! Please Review etc
By now, the adults in the living room had had enough of Hannah's dawdling. Her mother was quite fed up of it and was about to go out of the room to speak to her rude daughter when Professor Longbottom did the honours.  He poked his head around the doorway to stare at the two girls for a moment, before a wide, crooked grin bloomed on his face.
"Alicia!" he cried, positively jovial, "Alicia, why I haven't seen you since you were ohh, about nine! How's your father?" Hannah felt like she was watching a game of ping pong as she looked back and forth between her best friend and the big eared bloke. To Hannah's great astonishment, Alicia burst out in a grin and walked into the living room, plumped down on the remaining armchair and started to talk wildly about her parents to Professor Longbottom.
It was after quarter of an hour that she finally stopped speaking and turned back to Hannah. "I can't believe it! So you're a witch? Oh, Mum and Dad'll be ever
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Nudge: Don't Cry 2 by GlassHeart-x Nudge: Don't Cry 2 :iconglassheart-x:GlassHeart-x 3 3
Fax Forget it Part 11: Love Hurts (A FANG AND OC
Third Person POV
The Crate was dark, musty and sodden, for Madison Wright could not stop crying. Her back gently throbbed as the sadness wracked her body. She was cramped, she was hurt and, most importantly, she was without Fang. The last time she had seen him was when she'd been in the middle of being dragged of by the strange men. It pained her heart to have to remember the pain and the gut wrenching sorrow that ached throughout her. But she had only the memories, memories of her and Fang; kissing, hugging, walking and smiling. Bitter.
She couldn't think, her mind was blank but for the last memory. Her lip trembled as tears continued to fall. He shoulders shook violently as she fought with herself to gain control. Bur she couldn't, she was in shock. Madison lifted a feeble hand and wiped her red, raw eyes to prevent more tears. Breathing heavily, she finally lifted her head to look around. There was barely any room for this, as the wooden walls encased her like a trap, a lone sliver
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Chapter 2: I can't be, A Hogwarts OC
Chapter 2
Hannah was still staring after about half a minute and the man who called himself Professor Longbottom was becoming increasingly awkward. Then, out of the kitchen, Hannah's mother came out.
"Hannah, who on earth is it? There's a right draft!" She caught sight of Professor. "Oh, hello." Hannah's cheeks burnt. As soon as her mother set sights on a man even remotely attractive (Not that Hannah thought he was, but that's beside the point) she was flirting. Hannah scoured the man's hands, praying there was a wedding ring or something. She breathed a sigh of relief and elbowed her fawning mother, who was by now inviting the poor man into the house, in the ribs.
"WHAT? Ok, first off, the man is married, check his hand and second of all you invite him into the house after he tells me I'm a WITCH? Jeez, it's like those Mormons all over again, by the time I got back to school all the Rich Teas had gone!" Hannah whispered harshly. Her mother's shoulders drooped but Hannah expect
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Chapter 1: Curious, A Hogwarts OC
Chapter 1
The alarm blared and Hannah's eyes sprang open she groaned and cursed herself. It was the middle of the holidays so why the hell had she not turned it off by now? She sloppily produced an arm from under the mountains of covers and hit around the alarm a few times before it stopped ringing. She sighed contently and progressed back down into her warm covers. It was very snug under her floral quilt. But, as fate regularly hated Hannah, just as she was settling down into a carefree dozed; a voice like velvet rang out.
"Hannah! Hannah? Are you up?"
"No, Mum!" she called back, bristled by the outright shouting at 8 o'clock in the morning. For God's sake, she thought, could she not have a minute's peace on a Saturday? A reply rang out, oblivious to her daughter's murderous thoughts.
"Hannah! Get up now! We've got to go in to town to get you some more delicates!" Her mother called up. Hannah was instantly awake and sat up with so much force that she momentarily felt ill. God, she was
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Max by GlassHeart-x Max :iconglassheart-x:GlassHeart-x 2 10 Nudge- Don't Cry by GlassHeart-x Nudge- Don't Cry :iconglassheart-x:GlassHeart-x 3 0 Maximum Ride by GlassHeart-x Maximum Ride :iconglassheart-x:GlassHeart-x 6 2 A Young Trelawney by GlassHeart-x A Young Trelawney :iconglassheart-x:GlassHeart-x 2 3
Fax? Forget it! Chapter 10: Spells Can be Broken
Fax Forget it Part 10:
Maddie's POV
Dear Diary,
You know when it's your birthday and you go downstairs, still in your pyjamas, and you see your parents with their huge giddy smiles on their faces and a mound of prezzies next to them? How you feel so happy that you're about to burst and you can't help the giant grin slip onto your face. The way your heart does somersaults every second and you feel so thankful!
Now times that by…I don't know…Um…1 Million, no…1 Billion. That was how it felt having Fax in my life. He was my rock. And yes, I know how cliché that sounded! But it was true, I mean, he was always there. Ready to kiss and talk to and…well just be there for me. And it was so nice.
We'd had to spin some lie to my mother about how he lived on the other side of town and that he was home schooled there. I hated lying to my mother but I can say that it took a few hysterical nights of planning to come up with this, I have to say, rather splendid lie.
The d
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The tenth Doctor by Irhi-Leth The tenth Doctor :iconirhi-leth:Irhi-Leth 22 9 Through Crimson Stars and Silent Stars by Saimain Through Crimson Stars and Silent Stars :iconsaimain:Saimain 1,745 86 A Belated Farewell To Eleven by Jorell-Rivera A Belated Farewell To Eleven :iconjorell-rivera:Jorell-Rivera 41 3 Pond Family Portrait by Saimain Pond Family Portrait :iconsaimain:Saimain 1,431 108 Hartnell and The Silence by TheChrisOfFenric Hartnell and The Silence :iconthechrisoffenric:TheChrisOfFenric 81 23 11 Mug by cydienne 11 Mug :iconcydienne:cydienne 19 5 Barcelona! by MariaBruggeman Barcelona! :iconmariabruggeman:MariaBruggeman 260 17 Are you married, River? by Patamao Are you married, River? :iconpatamao:Patamao 247 65 Hello Kitty by hanna-dora Hello Kitty :iconhanna-dora:hanna-dora 96 24 J.L.C. by MagicWillowlAAl J.L.C. :iconmagicwillowlaal:MagicWillowlAAl 69 7 11th Watercolor by MeloMonaco 11th Watercolor :iconmelomonaco:MeloMonaco 17 5 Doctor Who by 0-xcheekymonkeyx-0 Doctor Who :icon0-xcheekymonkeyx-0:0-xcheekymonkeyx-0 27 2 Never let him see the damage by SoniaMatas Never let him see the damage :iconsoniamatas:SoniaMatas 349 46 Goodbye Raggedy Man by The-Girl-Who-Waited Goodbye Raggedy Man :iconthe-girl-who-waited:The-Girl-Who-Waited 67 10 The Silence by Myths11 The Silence :iconmyths11:Myths11 17 2 Missed me? by Alyona11 Missed me? :iconalyona11:Alyona11 51 18


A truly interesting piece of Art. There is little detail on the actual bird itself but the different shades of pink add tone and lighti...


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Hi, Guys!
This is my Doctor Who Fan Fiction Account! Please feel free to check them out and review!

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